School of Business research themes - markets and governance

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Led by Bruce Burton, this research cluster integrates the largest cluster of University of Dundee School of Business researchers in accounting and finance, economics and management, and marketing) in the pursuit of knowledge and impact on how firms operate in markets, their governance arrangements and effectiveness. For example:

  • Bruce BurtonSuzanne FifieldAndrzej KwiatkowskiMurat MazibasDavid Power and Dooruj Rambaccusing have all examined the efficiency of financial markets and the pricing of securities individually and as part of a portfolio. The cluster has also adopted a sector focus analysing performance in tourism, efficiency in the banking  and promoting optimisation techniques in agriculture and energy markets.
  • Funding through the EU Horizon 2020 programme enabled Bruce Burton to examine the potential of alternative-finance (or crowd-funding) on renewable energy markets while Bruce Burton, Theresa Dunne and Vicky Lambert examined governance in business, the third and public sectors. Impact has been achieved on EU policy on the role of crowd-funding in financing renewable energy investment and on the corporate governance and sustainability reporting of the finance industry.
  • Bruce Burton and David Power are also exploring linkages between markets and social media, and through Dooruj Rambaccussing’s work predicting gambling outcomes drawing on social media has featured extensively in the UK press and radio.  
  • Morris Altman’s work on behavioural economics and ethics in market economies and the role of cooperatives has been highly cited.    

This cluster has strong links to the University themes of Social Justice and Innovative Technologies and to the Institute for Social Sciences Research (ISSR) themes of Social Justice, and Governance, Policy and Regulation, Innovative Methods and Environment.

This cluster also includes the following colleagues:


Name Role
Professor Bruce Burton Professor
Dr Suzanne Fifield Senior Lecturer
Professor David Power Professor
Dr Andrzej Kwiatkowski Senior Lecturer, Head of Economic Studies Team
Dr Murat Mazibas Senior Lecturer
Dr Dooruj Rambaccussing Senior Lecturer
Dr Theresa Dunne Reader
Dr Vicky Lambert Lecturer
Professor Morris Altman Dean
Dr Stavros Kourtzidis Senior Lecturer
Dr Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Senior Lecturer
Dr Szu-Hsin Wu Lecturer
Dr Lee Roberts Lecturer
Dr Parulian Sihotang Lecturer
Paul Caulfield Lecturer
Professor Sudharshan Reddy Paramati Professor (Teaching and Research)
Dr Xia Shu Lecturer
Dr Yang Wang Lecturer
Dr Yu-Fu Chen Senior Lecturer