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Policies, procedures and other information relating to the governance of the University of Dundee

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This policy sets out the University’s position on the provision of academic-related reasonable adjustments for disabled students and clarifies responsibilities and procedures in this respect.

Code of conduct

Learn what types of activity would be considered as academic misconduct, how to prevent it, and what the procedures and penalties are if you are found to have committed this offence


The organisational structure of academic schools within the University of Dundee


The standard academic year is divided into two teaching semesters, with 4 and 3 week vacations at Christmas and Easter respectively


Outlines the University’s approach to acceptable use of its computing facilities


The purpose of this policy is to establish a set of principles and procedures to prevent the acceptance of research or related funding by the University from Awarding Bodies (as defined below) whose activities are judged to be counter to the common interest and public good


Outlines the University’s approach to access control of its computing facilities

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