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The School of Business delivers research, teaching, and community engagement across Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Management and Marketing.

We are the United Kingdom’s newest business School and one of the eight schools at the University of Dundee. Since becoming independent, in 2019, part of the school’s aspiration was to enhance its reputation, impact, and profile. In line with meeting these objectives, recent progress has included:

These accreditations and recognitions are critical to building a business that values excellence in teaching and research and community engagement. As we forge ahead, teaching and research and community engagement, will inform one another, as we strive to contribute, and add value, to our communities.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to develop innovative and responsible leaders for a sustainable future.


To deliver an outstanding educational experience through innovative teaching, transforming careers and enhancing employability. 


To produce high quality research and knowledge exchange which is locally and internationally recognised and has a positive impact on our stakeholders, society and the environment. 


To create partnership-driven teaching, research and knowledge exchange that stimulate enterprise and innovation in the local and global community through the prism of social responsibility.

Bloomberg Financial Trading lab

We have also secured a Bloomberg Financial Trading lab and are establishing a behavioural decision-making laboratory to enhance our research and teaching capabilities and the extent and richness of our community engagement.

Growing the student community


annual income



We are one of the fastest-growing business schools in the United Kingdom, which provides us with the capacity and capabilities to realise our objectives. Much of this growth has been driven by growth at taught-postgraduate level, where we are attracting students from around the world.

With an annual income more than £12m, the business school is also the fastest-growing school within the University.  This growth is partially driven by new module and programme development that meets the needs of our student population in an ever-changing world of work.

The school has approximately 2000 students spread across research, taught-postgraduate, and undergraduate programmes.  The student body is diverse with international students comprising over 90% of student body. This diversity is most pronounced at the postgraduate level.

Our staff numbers are growing to support the increasing student numbers, with the school forecast to have approximately 90 academic and 25 professional services staff by the next academic session. Our staff are also the most diverse in University. Having scholars from around the world with different backgrounds, adds to the richness of our teaching, research, and community engagement.

Innovative learning

We have introduced new and flexible forms of blended learning to all our modules and course delivery. Our teaching remains research informed as we continue to grow the resources available to research and teaching staff.  Moreover, we’ve established an Advisory Board to discuss and advise on plans for programme development and community engagement and other initiatives to be undertaken by the school.

Engaging with communities

The Advisory Board is also important to further enhance our engagement with our communities and stakeholders. As is true of the University, we are a business school of social impact. We are taking advantage of the Help to Grow programme to foster greater links with business and industry and to facilitate the sustainability and growth of small business in our region. Initiatives such as this also serve to foster a vibrant and dynamic learning and research environment in the University of Dundee School of Business.