Science and forensics: The same, or different?
This talk by forensic practitioner and LRCFS PhD student Keith Inman will illustrate the use of science in the context of legal disputes.
Festive Fun
Festive Fun
TILE Network talk with Argyro Kanaki
The TILE network invites you to a talk entitled "An Educational Perspective on multilingualism" by Argyro Kanaki, a Lecturer in Education.
A farewell gathering for the Principal
All staff are invited to join us at any time during the event
Hot Chocolate Bar with delicious toppings.
  • Start: 10 Dec 10:00AM      End: 14 Dec 3:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: 22
Make your own hot cocoa to your own unique taste
The UK Climate Change Act’s 10 Year Anniversary
This event will launch Dr Thomas Muinzer’s new book, Climate and Energy Governance for the UK Low Carbon Transition: The Climate Change Act 2008.
Xmas Lunches at DUSA | The Union
  • Start: 10 Dec 12:00PM      End: 14 Dec 7:00PM      Add to Calendar
Get your team Xmas Lunch sorted with DUSA | The Union from just £15 per person including a mocktail.
From Cox to Coccyx: 130 Years of Anatomy in Dundee
  • Start: 1 Oct 9:30AM      End: 14 Dec 7:00PM      Add to Calendar
An exhibition exploring the history of anatomy at the University, with a focus on the eight men and women who have held the Cox Chair of Anatomy.