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Applying to the University of Dundee

In these videos we explain the undergraduate application process through UCAS, the deadlines for application and how to write a personal statement. We also provide an overview of Admissions frequently asked questions.
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University accommodation

Belmont Flats

Our guide to applying for University accommodation includes a step-by-step process

Wondering which accommodation to select and how much it’s going to cost? Check out our accommodation options

How to apply for our accommodation Our accommodation options

Paying tuition fees

Find out all the details on paying fees, from the deposit cost to paying by direct debit


The University of Dundee, like other Scottish Higher Education institutions, charges different fees depending on your Fee Status.

Support for students

Find out how we support our students from our Enquiry Centre, Health Service, IT Service, Counselling Service, Disability Services and more
Student support


Information on how we help our students with their career development including helping them to explore their career options, developing employability skills and connecting them with employers and jobs
Careers Service
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