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At the School of Business, we provide a stimulating research environment for academics and scholars who work and study in business schools and industry in the UK and abroad.

Academics and professionals

We encourage you to visit if your research plans fit in with our research themes. We have a flexible visiting scheme of up to three months and, in exceptional cases, your visit can be extended.

You are provided with:

  • office space with computing facilities
  • access to the library and online resources
  • a University e-mail address.

We charge a monthly bench fee of £200 to cover costs.

Junior researchers

We also welcome a small number of visiting junior researchers and students working towards their doctoral degrees or who have just completed their PhDs and are writing their theses in the form of monographs and/or articles.

You’ll be encouraged to actively interact with our staff and students, including participating in our bi-weekly doctoral research seminars.

You’ll join as non-graduating research student and be provided with:

  • access to the University Library
  • access to online resources
  • a University email address
  • access to the visiting lecture series

We charge a monthly bench fee of £350 to cover costs.

Short research visits

You may want to visit for a week or less. You’ll be asked to pay a bench fee of £100 to cover registration and administrative costs.

Next steps

You will need to arrange your own accommodation and cover all expenses related to your visit.

We encourage you to submit your application at least three months prior to your preferred time of visit.


Hugh Gunn

Operations Manager