Workshop on Institutions and Sustainable Socio-economic Development

An interdisciplinary research forum

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Focusing on Institutional Design, Change, Decision-making, Methodological Pluralism, and Diversity and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development, The Workshop on Institutions and Sustainable Socio-economic Development (WISSED) is an interdisciplinary research forum designed to contribute to a better understanding of sustainable socio-economic development and factors that facilitate or impede the latter.

This is done largely through the lenses of institutional and environmental variables at both the micro and macro level. This focus interfaces with research in many domains but it clearly interfaces with research and programming on co-operatives, social enterprise, sustainability (environmental, wellbeing, and economic), as well as entrepreneurship and innovation.

It also connects with research interests in:

  • non-profits
  • legal parameters
  • cultural factors
  • power relationships
  • gender
  • managerial factors
  • educational capabilities 
  • ethical behaviour 
  • environmental challenges impacting on human action and organisational change

A key focal point of this workshop is to foster, develop and discuss research in order to better understand the world in which live and to improve our wellbeing. We will also develop research projects and grant applications and support them, where possible.

This objective will be pursued through organising research seminars where participants can present, discuss and critique research ideas and initiatives.

WISSED was launched on July 1, 2020 at the University of Dundee, Scotland. A version of WISSED was established on the 8 July 2015 at the University of Newcastle, Australia and has now re-located to the University of Dundee.

Project lead: Professor Morris Altman