Research in the School of Business

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Our research mission aligns closely with the University’s transformation agenda in being interdisciplinary and practical.

Our mission informs what research and knowledge exchange activities we engage in and how we engage by reflecting the University core values of ‘valuing people, working together, integrity, making a difference, and pursuing excellence’.

To do so, we have built on existing strengths in the School to create three interdisciplinary and highly practical themes, on which much of our research and knowledge exchange activity is focused. These themes, which bring together many staff in the School and those in other schools in the University, are:

  • Health, Welfare and Education
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity
  • Markets and Governance

In addition to our thematic approach, we also promote research and knowledge exchange in the disciplines of accounting and finance, including the Centre for Qualitative Research in Finance, economic studies and management, and marketing.

Dundee’s reputation for research in business and management has its roots in the pioneering work of Ronald Coase, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, whose most famous work was an explanation of why firms exist, published in ‘The Nature of the Firm’ (1937). His work had an enormous impact not only on theory but also on policy and practice. This emphasis on useful knowledge is a defining feature of the work we currently do in the School of Business.