Research in the School of Business

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Business and management research has deep-rooted traditions of excellence in the University of Dundee extending back to the 1930s when internationally significant economists such as  Duncan Black and Nobel-laureate Ronald Coase were in their first academic posts. Since then, business and management research has evolved along through the traditional disciplinary lines of Accountancy & Finance (AF), Economic Studies (ES) and, latterly, Management & Marketing (MM).  They were brought together in 2015 as part of the School of Social Sciences but became an independent School; University of Dundee School of Business (UDSB) in August 2019. 

In 2021 we established our vision for research, knowledge exchange and impact (RKEI), which is the achievement of world leading impact through excellent research, engagement and partnerships that transforms lives and creates significant public value – locally and globally.

To achieve this vision, we set ourselves four strategic priorities:

  • developing a vibrant and enabling RKEI culture to allow all staff and postgraduate researchers (PGRs) to fulfil their ambitions
  • steering attention to impactful, ‘engaged’ research, involving our Business Advisory Board members, senior organizational executives and policy makers, to create public value
  • embracing collaborative approaches by bringing business and management perspectives into the University’s interdisciplinary research themes 
  • recruiting, developing and retaining high quality and engaged academic and professional services staff, taking a measured approach to capacity-building and ensuring sustainable growth  

We are implementing these priorities through a range of measures, including:

  • Adopting a thematic approach constructed around three complementary cross-cutting clusters, which frame our drive for excellence and embed RKEI into daily activities.
  • Prioritising recruitment of established research-active staff and introducing mechanisms to motivate, retain and build synergies across the research community.
  • Inducting academic staff and PGRs into a culture of high performance in line with the University’s strategic priority of excellence.
  • Active participation and leadership of cross-school collaborative endeavour aligned to the University’s vision of Transforming Lives.
  • Orientating our research and education mission towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).
  • Embedding a culture of continuous improvement in relation to research quality and impact by implementing the University Annual Research Review (ARR) and tailored staff development plans.
  • Enhancing our reputation for RKEI with practitioners, the professions and policy makers by building on existing disciplinary strengths.
  • Increasing our public engagement activities to raise profile and impact on the national, regional and local economy.
  • Respecting the mutuality between research and educational excellence.
  • Adopting the University’s policies on Open Research and signatory status to the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).