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Dr Szu-Hsin Wu is a Lecturer in Marketing at the School of Business at the University of Dundee. Prior to receiving her PhD, she was involved in two EU-funded interdisciplinary research projects – Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 (GETM3) and Dŵr Uisce, as a postgraduate and postdoctoral researcher, respectively.

Her research and teaching endeavours encompass various approaches aim at intervening in the intricate connections between human behaviour, technology, and the natural environment. One aspect of her work focuses on understanding and addressing tensions arising from human-to-human, human-to-technology interactions in service environments, particularly within the service industry which plays a substantial role in economic output and employment. Another facet of her research advocates for collaborative efforts and reflective processes in advancing climate actions and solutions. Support from European Union grants, university funding, and PhD scholarships has enabled the recognition of meaningful research outcomes through publications. Ultimately, the insights gained from Szu-Hsin’s research, along with her practical experience, are woven into her teaching methods and curriculum design, with the overarching goal of nurturing innovative and responsible leaders for a sustainable future. Her teaching excellence has been recognised with Innovation in Teaching and Student-led Most Inspiring Teaching Awards at the University in 2022 as well as acknowledged by The Herald Higher Education Award in Scotland for Enhancing Student Learning in 2023.


Summary of research expertise

  • Service marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Value co-creation 
  • Sustainable innovation

Her research focuses on applying service marketing strategies to help businesses improve their services and customer experience. Her three key areas of research include customer experience and engagement, value co-creation between customers and service providers, and service design. She is also interested in exploring means to assist organisations in achieving sustainable innovation. Szu-Hsin is currently seeking research collaborators and PhD students who are interested in related research topics. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact her.

Research themes

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity
  • Health, Welfare and Education
  • Impact and Knowledge Exchange

Impact and Knowledge Exchange

Her PhD research project engaged with hotel managers about service design and understanding customer emotions. Service design guidelines were developed for co-creating positive customer emotions. As part of her involvement in the Dŵr Uisce project, she engaged with practitioners from public, private and non-profit sectors in action learning oriented workshops and offered a set of recommendations for organisation learning in sustainability-oriented innovation.

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  • BU51017 Customer Experience Design 
  • BU52025 Digital Marketing
  • BU51030 Digital Asset Management
  • BU51026 Place Branding for Cities, Regions and Countries
  • BU52039 Brand Management and Strategy