Molecular Microbiology

Our research flows from fundamental science using model organisms to translational research on medically- and economically-significant pathogens

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Our goal is to advance the science of molecular microbiology through high-quality research. We want our discoveries to be well-known nationally and internationally. We promote and benefit from collaborations with colleagues in allied disciplines including immunology, structural biology, gene regulation, genomics, proteomics, and more. 

Our research topics currently include:

  • fundamental physiological processes in microbial cells, including transport and generation of the cell surface
  • bacterial growth arrest and responses to resource limitation
  • microbial sensing of environmental signals
  • inter-bacterial and inter-microbial interactions
  • molecular determinants of bacterial virulence
  • host responses to microbial pathogens
  • identification of potential targets for antimicrobial intervention or biotechnological applications

We are dedicated to teaching and to providing great learning experiences. We are passionate about bringing in talented students and scientists to study microbiology, and we value diversity in our field. We aim to create a friendly, inclusive, and exciting environment for research and teaching, and developing careers.

We believe in sharing our knowledge with the public. We take part in various activities to showcase our research, including exhibitions with images of microbes in different scales, and we even made a book to go along with one of our exhibits.

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