D'Arcy Thompson Unit

We coordinate the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and are responsible for most of the teaching of theory and practical topics in the first years of undergraduate study.

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In the D’Arcy Thompson Unit, we are a team of teaching-focused academics, technicians, and administrative staff that look after the teaching in the School of Life Sciences. We work closely with colleagues in other research divisions in the School of Life Sciences and School of Medicine to ensure students get the best education and support for their studies. 

Our main focus is on giving students on biological and biomedical courses a solid foundation on which to build more specialist knowledge as they progress through their studies, including the teaching of laboratory skills, statistics and data analysis. We also act as Advisers of Studies for all undergraduate and Master’s students.

Our academic staff come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds that span the full range of courses we have on offer. Staff in the D’Arcy Thompson Unit have collectively a wealth of experience in education at undergraduate and postgraduate level and have helped and inspired thousands of students.

The Unit is named after Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, first Professor of Biology at Dundee. 

Academic staff

Key contacts

Name Role Email
Catriona Milne International Administration Lead cmilne001@dundee.ac.uk
Monica Robertson General Technician Enquiries m.lacey@dundee.ac.uk
Arlene Stewart Head of Administration a.v.stewart@dundee.ac.uk
Role Email
Reception General Enquiries SLSLTReception@dundee.ac.uk 
School Office General Student Support Enquiries SchoolOffice-LS@dundee.ac.uk 
Teaching Support Levels 1 & 2 Core Curriculum lsugcc@dundee.ac.uk 
Teaching Support Levels 3-5 Biological Degree Programme lsugbiol@dundee.ac.uk 
Teaching Support Levels 3-5 Biomedical Degree Programme lsugbms@dundee.ac.uk 
Teaching Support MSci Degree Programme lsugbiol@dundee.ac.uk 
Teaching Support TPG (MSc) Degree Programme slslt-msc@dundee.ac.uk 


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