Sustainability in the School of Life Sciences

Environmental sustainability and climate action

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As a School we recognise that we are living through a time of change for our planet and that we have a responsibility to do what we can to mitigate our impact.  Laboratory research has many challenges to sustainability.  Laboratories are notoriously power, water and resource hungry and in trying to benefit human health and increase knowledge we seek to do so with as little harm as possible to our environment. 

The School of Life Sciences is committed to:  

  • Setting up “green teams” in all divisions 
  • Implementing the Laboratory Assessment Efficiency Framework (LEAF) across all divisions  
  • Working to reduce our emissions from business and academic travel 
  • Working with the University to move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy for electricity and heating 
  • Seeking better solutions to reduce consumption  
  • Seeking better solutions for recycling waste 
  • Seeking to repurpose or reuse equipment or consumables at end of life/requirements. 

Key contacts for sustainability


LEAF logo - "Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework" round the outside of a blue circle with "LEAF" written in the centre.

Member of the LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) Programme