Microbiology BSc (Hons)

School of Life Sciences

Learn about microscopic organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in our Microbiology BSc Hons course.

Date of entry

September 2024

Start date
September 2024
4 or 3 years
Dundee City Campus

Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

Microbiology focuses on the biology of micro-organisms that are unicellular, multicellular, or acellular (without cells).

These include microbes like bacteria and fungi, and covers concepts like growth and regulation. It also includes how microbes react with each other and their environments.

On this course, we’ll look at how micro-organism work collectively to maximise their success. We'll look at how we can manipulate them and their behaviour with a view to improving health.

Our course curriculum is shaped by the work of our world-leading researchers to make sure you’re learning the latest advances. This will also help you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the field.

We’ll start with a broad-based curriculum where you’ll study a wide range of life sciences topics at Levels 1 and 2. We’ll explore core concepts such as:

  • genetics
  • cell biology
  • biological organisation
  • molecular mechanisms and processes

You will develop your practical skills such as laboratory skills, data analysis, and experiment design. This will prepare you for designing and carrying out projects later in your course.

You’ll then focus more on key aspects of microbiology at Levels 3 and 4, such as biochemistry, molecular structure, and gene regulation. Throughout the duration of the course, you have the flexibility to pick modules that appeal to you, highlighting to future employers where your interests lie.

Professional accreditation

Royal Society of Biology

This degree is accredited by the Royal Society of Biology.

Traineeships and internships

We offer a range of lab-based research traineeships and industry internships, as well as opportunities in other countries, all giving you invaluable experience and boosting your career opportunities.

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