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Our outreach programmes aim to support Scotland's schools and their delivery of outcomes and aims around science, topical and ethical issues, careers, and interdisciplinary learning.

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Public engagement is a crucial part of the research process and one that we at the School of Life Sciences are committed to doing well. We aim to use creative and engaging approaches to communicate our research and start dialogues about science and society. 

Reward and recognition

How we have been recognised for our public engagement work, and how we as a School recognise those involved in taking our work to a wider audience.

Reward and recognition

Strategy and reporting

Our public engagement work is underpinned by our public engagement strategy. This ensures our activity is meaningful and has a purpose. We communicate our events, projects, and achievements in an Annual Report.

Strategy and reporting

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Our public engagement work is aimed at a diverse range of people, including schools, patient groups, families, and adult audiences. Each group allows us to learn from different viewpoints and experiences to make our research more relevant and impactful. We also work in partnership with organisations across Dundee and further afield. This allows us to learn from experts in many different fields and reach new audiences. Some examples of our engagement work are available to view in the following gallery: 

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Faculty watermark awarded to School of Life Sciences in 2017

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