Race Equality Charter progress

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REC Survey

In November 2020 staff/student REC surveys were conducted to gather important information about the experiences of our staff and students regarding race equality. There were over 1300 responses to the survey and over 2200 additional text box comments from our University community.

Focus groups with staff and students were held in January 2021. A total of 18 staff (9 white, 9 BME) and 13 students (13 BME) gave their insight into a range of topics. The focus groups and the survey responses are being used by the SAT team to explore the issues facing our institution and to create action points to address them. This work is ongoing and will support our application for a Bronze Race Equality Charter Mark.

The REC-SAT has compiled a report that summarises some of the prominent issues that have come to light from the staff/student surveys and focus group discussions and lists a number of recommendations to help tackle some of the key issues identified. 

Race Equality Charter Application Timeline

A full timeline of the work completed so far, and a projection of future work is shown below.

Oct 2017

  • Staff/Student REC Surveys conducted

Dec 2018

  • Principal Prof Sir Pete Downes submits REC membership application

Jan 2019

  • University REC membership confirmed

Nov 2020

  • Prof Hari Hundal appointed as UoD REC Lead
  • Fresh Staff/Student REC Surveys conducted

Dec 2020

  • Membership of the REC SAT established

Jan 2021

  • 1st SAT meeting 4 Subwork groups established
  • Staff and 2 Student Focus Groups held

Feb 2021

  • 2nd SAT Meeting Initial analysis of Staff/Student survey shared with SAT and EDI Committee

Mar 2021

  • 3rd SAT Meeting Analysis of Institutional, Staff, Student data by Subworking groups. Survey findings shared with UEG. Survey report commissioned

Apr 2021

  • 4th SAT Meeting Ongoing analysis of Staff and Student data and establishing SMART Actions. Draft survey report endorsed by EDI Committee

May 2021

  • 5th SAT Meeting Completion of data analysis and SMART actions by Subwork groups. Intention to submit filed. Survey report considered by UEG/Deans Group and PODCo

Jun 2021

  • 6th SAT Meeting Survey report released to UoD community
  • Townhall Session with Staff
  • Meeting with DUSA Executive, Principal and SAT Chair
  • REC update to Court

Jul 2021

  • Draft UoD REC application submitted to Advance HE for External Developmental Review

Aug 2021

  • Incorporate Feedback from External Developmental Review into UoD REC application

Sep 2021

  • Consultation of draft REC application and action plan with staff and students

Oct 2021

  • 7th SAT Meeting to finalise application. EDI Committee and UEG approval and submission of REC application to Advance HE

Nov 2021

January 2022