Athena Swan

Recognising advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all

The University of Dundee applied for an Athena Swan Bronze award in November 2013 which was awarded in April 2014. Our membership of the new Charter in September 2015 represents the University's commitment to gender equality for all within the University community.

The Expanded Athena Swan Charter

Athena Swan Bronze Award

We have been involved in the Athena Swan Charter Mark programme for a number of years now and the University and several of our Schools hold Bronze Awards. We subscribed to the new Charter in 2015 and received a new award under the new terms in 2017.

Read our Bronze Award application Read our 2017 action plan

This award demonstrates the University’s commitment to Athena Swan and the progression of women in academic careers in STEMM subjects. Holding an institutional award also allows groups within the University to apply for their own departmental Athena Swan awards.

All five of our STEMM Schools are current award holders and all four of our AHSSBL Schools are working towards their own applications in the forthcoming cycles.