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Led by Graeme Martin, this research cluster integrates the work of economists, management and marketing staff with interests in healthcare management, well-being and education, and in working with practitioners and policy makers. This cluster is a significant area of expertise for the School, which builds on partnerships with NHS Tayside, the NHS in Scotland, and UK government departments the UK.  The following examples illustrate their recent and current work:  

  • Paul Allanson has played a lead role in the Scottish Health Economics network, which brings together health economists from Scotland’s Universities, the NHS and Scottish Government to explore the development and application of health economics at the national scale.  
  • Graeme Martin has undertaken a range of funded research projects in healthcare, which have been published in leading international journals, and led to British his appointment by the Cabinet Secretary for Health to the position of Vice-Chair of NHS Tayside. These projects include the changing work experience of hospital consultants in NHS Scotland and research into medical leadership. His most recent work is research funded by the NHS Employers in Scotland, the BMA and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in Scotland into senior doctors intentions to retire in NHS Scotland. The report has led to a joint statement by the three funding bodies requiring health boards in Scotland to take immediate and longer term actions to retain highly skilled doctors in the medical workforce.
  • Yu Zhu's research on the graduate premium was extensively cited in the 2019 Augur review of Post-18 education, followed by invitations to participate in expert panels for the Department of Education, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and the Resolution Foundation.

Key academics in health, wellbeing, and education

This research cluster reflects and amplifies the Institute for Social Sciences Research (ISSR) themes of Health and Wellbeing and Social Justice as well as their wider University interdisciplinary equivalents and Innovating Technology.

This cluster also includes the following colleagues: