Strategy and reporting in the School of Life Sciences

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School of Life Sciences

As a School, our vision is to enable researchers and scholars to connect with society for mutual benefit.

To support this our Public Engagement with scholarship and research strategy has five main aims: 

  • Build on our partnerships to deliver a high-quality, innovative engagement programme.
  • Engage a diverse range of people and ensure our engagement approaches follow best practices in inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Regularly listen to local and global communities to ensure our mutual needs are met.
  • Promote and support a culture of active participation in public engagement within our life sciences community and that of the broader university.
  • Ensure our engagement work is financially sustainable and environmentally responsible 

This strategy builds on and replaces the previous School of Life Sciences Public Engagement Strategy that ran from 2017 - 2022.

We evaluate our public engagement work using our Public Engagement with Research and Scholarship Evaluation Framework 2023-2028 that is aligned to our strategy.

University of Dundee 

In 2019, the University launched their own Public Engagement Strategy.