Economics courses

Economics is a broad subject which looks at how decisions are made by people and organisations, and how these decisions impact the world around us. The creation and distribution of money and wealth is a key area of economics, but it also covers a much wider range of decisions/factors that people and businesses take into account everyday.

Economics also helps us understand how money and wealth are linked to politics, law, and geography. This feeds into our three main degrees – Economics, Financial Economics, and Business Economics with Marketing.

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Gain a degree in Economics in three years. A new approach for a Scottish University, mirroring the three year degree length on offer throughout the rest of the UK.

Undergraduate Full time 3 years


Economics focuses on the macroeconomic challenges of national, regional, and global economies with the microeconomics behaviour of people and businesses

Undergraduate Full time 4 years


Examine how economic factors shape our world and learn to analyse and explain complex data to different audiences

Undergraduate Full time 4 years

Undergraduate - 3.5 years, January start

These courses take 3.5 years and start in January


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