Date of entry

September 2022


At Levels 1 and 2, teaching is done by lectures, tutorials and independent and group study.

At Levels 3 and 4 you will work more independently and take part in seminar discussions.

Level 4 you will work on your dissertation which is independent, but supervised, on an elective topic.


The form of assessment varies between modules. We use:

  • presentations - to evaluate reasoned legal argument and your ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • moots - to assess court room manner and the ability to argue interactively
  • essay or drafting exercises
  • tests on comprehension and interpretation of legal sources such as Acts of Parliament or case reports.

In no module does assessment depend solely on a final exam.

A small number of modules are continuously assessed.

In the majority of modules the weighting of assessment is 25% for coursework and 75% for the final assessment.

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: LW40001 Credits: 30 Semester: Both Semester 1 and 2

Optional Modules

You need to choose one or more of these modules as part of your course.

Module code: CP40001 Credits: 30 Semester: Semester 1
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