Justice Law & Human Rights module (LW31002)

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Justice, Law and Human Rights


The aim of the module is to promote a reasonably advanced understanding of the legal framework for the protection of human rights and civil liberties in the UK and to examine in detail UK human rights and civil liberties law in selected topical areas.

Examples of content

  • civil liberties globally and in the UK before the human rights era
  • the ECHR (institutions and jurisprudence) as guarantor of civil liberties
  • UK domestic law as guarantor of civil liberties – Human Rights Act 1998 & Scotland Act 1998
  • personal liberty: stop, search and arrest – ECHR, arts 5 & 8
  • right to a fair trial – ECHR, art 6
  • freedom of assembly and protest versus public order – ECHR, art 11
  • extradition, deportation and asylum – ECHR, arts 3, 6 & 8
  • freedom from discrimination – ECHR, art 14

SCQF credits

30 credits


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