English Law of Contract module (LW21014)

A comprehensive introduction to the key areas of English Contract Law. 

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During this module, you will learn some of the most commonly asked questions about contracts. This includes the number one question: Do contracts have to be in writing? (answer: no).

Discover the basics of English Contract Law, including:

  • contractual formation
  • the significance of different types of terms and conditions
  • contractual capacity
  • and breach.

Learn about how all contracts are formed (through Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Intention to Create Legal Relations and Capacity) and what must be present in order for a valid contract to arise.

You will also learn about how contracts come to an end and the various ways in which parties can be relieved of their obligations under contracts.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • develop an understanding of the key elements of the English law of contract and their operation

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • discuss critically the purpose and efficacy of aspects of contract law 
  • analyse and solve problems arising out of contract law 
  • develop an understanding of the operation of precedent in English law and the ability to handle case-law, especially when there appear to be conflicting strands of judicial authority 

Assignments / assessment

  • coursework (30%)
  • multiple choice examination (70%)

Teaching methods / timetable

You will be taught through:

  • lectures
  • tutorials
  • independent study

This module will be delivered by a combination of lectures and tutorials.

Lectures will be used to present information and structure learning, with some interaction. Tutorials will allow small group work and student-led discussion.  


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