School of Life Sciences Undergraduate EDI Committee

The Undergraduate (UG) Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee serves as a key advocate for positive change.

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Who are we?

Our mission is rooted in the fundamental belief that all voices should be heard, everyone is entitled to reasonable adjustments, and nobody should be discriminated against. It is these principles that guide our efforts and shape our initiatives, as we work hand-in-hand with the student body to foster an environment where every individual feels valued, supported, and empowered.

What do we do?

Our committee is a community of passionate individuals dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of our peers. Through our work, we strive to not only address immediate concerns, but also to enact systemic changes that pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable campus culture.

Past projects include:

  • raising awareness about gender-based violence 
  • amplifying the voice of neurodiverse scientists

Current project:

  • supporting students with caring responsibilities

How can our students get involved?

Every Life Sciences student is encouraged to join the UG EDI committee. Participation is not only an opportunity to make a meaningful impact but also a chance to develop valuable skills, gain new perspectives, and connect with a diverse group of individuals united by a common goal. Be a part of this transformative journey as we continue to work towards a campus that embodies the values of fairness, respect, and belonging for all.


Whether you have ideas to share, experiences to voice, or simply a desire to contribute to creating a more inclusive University environment, your participation is invaluable. Contact us at:

Amplifying the Voice of Neurodiverse Scientists - An SLS UG Athena Swan Project

In 2022/23, the SLS undergraduate Athena SWAN committee created a project aiming to integrate and raise awareness about the neurodiverse community’s issues.

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