Summer Industry Traineeships

Summer industry traineeships can provide you with experience of a range of research environments.

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This traineeship can provide you with insights into the different careers open to Life Sciences graduates in areas ranging from science and healthcare communications to academic and industrial research laboratories. 


Successful applicants will spend time during the University summer vacation (June, July, August), with the company offering the industry traineeship. Each placement will provide details on their specific offering. 


Most students will receive a salary payment at the national living wage. Each traineeship will provide details on their specific offering. 


Open to Level 3 University of Dundee Life Sciences students only. 

Application Process 

Applications should be submitted via the Life Sciences application portal, highlighting your preferred project in the relevant section. Your application is processed alongside applications for the summer lab-based traineeships at University of Dundee. If you are not successful in your application for an industry traineeship, you will be considered in the pool for University of Dundee placements.  

Applications are now closed 

The portal for 2023 applications will open in Dec 2022, check the website for details. 

Recent Opportunities 

Opportunities vary from year to year. Our students have recently participated in traineeships in the following areas and with the following companies:  

  • Science and Healthcare Communications: Amiculum, an independent family of 11 branded agencies that delivers communications and consultancy services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health technology companies across the world. Amiculum has an office in Dundee.
  • Scientific Communication: Vivomotion an animation production company focussed on supporting scientists to tell their scientific stories to specialist and non-specialist audiences. Based in Dundee.