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The Adam Neville Lecture

The Adam Neville Lecture is held in honour of the Principal of the University of Dundee from 1978-1987 who had the foresight to realise that research excellence in the Life Sciences was the key to the University's future and who provided the financial backing and support that allowed the fledgling Department of Biochemistry to survive and essentially to prosper. Although much criticised at the time, his decisions have been vindicated by subsequent events.

Without his help developments, such as the Wellcome Trust Biocentre would never have happened.

The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture

The Bridget Ogilvie Lecture was founded in 1997, to acknowledge the former Director of the Wellcome Trust's key role in the events that led the Wellcome Trust to donate £10 million towards the cost of the Wellcome Trust Building at Dundee.

This is thought to be the largest single charitable donation ever given to Scotland in its history. The Bridget Ogilvie Lecturer is selected by each Division of the Wellcome Trust Building in rotation. 

The Peter Garland Lecture

The Peter Garland Lecture was set up in 1985 to mark the achievement of Dundee's first Professor of Biochemistry in building up the Department into one of the strongest in the UK over the period 1970 to 1984.

Adam Neville Lecture


Professor Lorenz Studer

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

(34th Adam Neville Lecture)

Bridget Ogilvie Lecture


Professor Wendy Barclay

Imperial College London

(24th Bridget Ogilvie Lecture)

Peter Garland Lecture


Dr Bruce Beutler

UT Southwestern Medical Center