International Business in Practice BSc (Hons)

School of Business

Gain a degree in International Business in three years. A new approach for a Scottish University, mirroring the three year degree length on offer throughout the rest of the UK.

Start date
September 2024
3 years
Dundee City Campus

Our International Business degrees have a slight focus on economics, but very much with an international component. All International Business degrees are useful as general degrees, particularly give their analytical and quantitative content. We live in a world where business operations are becoming increasingly global in scale. National boundaries now matter very little to decisions about where goods are made, and services provided. In this course you will learn what this means for today's business world.

The course has economics at its core, covering micro and macroeconomics. However, it is much broader than a standalone economics degree. It analyses the major external factors affecting global business, globalisation and applied policy. It covers many exciting topics, including Managing Teams and Individuals in a Multicultural World, Big Data Analysis, Branding and Marketing, rethinking Leadership, Global Marketing Strategies, and much more. So, a huge range of relevant business areas covered.

Global internships

This degree includes an optional eight-week internship in countries such as China, Vietnam, the UK, or online. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a great addition to your CV, supporting your future career aspirations and demonstrating commitment to future employers.

The internship option adds a strong “in-practice” element, as it gives students the chance to put their learning into-practice in an organisation. The teaching on the various modules also allows for students to think from a practical sense. Students will be encouraged to consider how they would apply what they learn on the course, in companies.

One reason why we have a strong focus on Economics in our International Business degree, is because the role of governments and other bodies in global business is hugely relevant especially with the regulation of the economy and businesses and the design of policy relating to business and the economy.

Claim up to £500 travel or study expenses

Dundee Train Station

Students starting in September 2024 can claim up to £500 of expenses towards initial travel to Dundee, IT equipment, or educational materials

(This offer does not cover tuition or accommodation costs)

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Global internship opportunities

This course includes an optional eight-week internship matched to your chosen industry. Employers overwhelmingly believe graduates who have an internship experience are more employable due to your increased experience of the workings of international companies and organisations.

The available list of countries in countries varies but in previous years has included China, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam, and the UK (Manchester). In the case of visa restrictions for some international students, there are UK-based and remote internships with firms in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, India, or France.

Support during your internship

Our internships are arranged with Pagoda Projects, who have over 30 years experience providing international internships.

You will be supported throughout your time with

  • dedicated Skype contacts or Facebook groups
  • optional social, networking, and travel activities
  • an English speaking tutor during your internship who will give you ongoing support
  • 24-hour emergency contact

You will be able to apply for the internship during year two of your course. We expect around 25-50% of students choose to take part in an internship.

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