Student support

We have a range of student services, offering different types of support and guidance, so that you can work to your full potential and make the most of your university experience.

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Transitioning to university life can bring challenges as well as opportunities. We have a range of student services, offering different types of support and guidance.

Enquiry Centre

The Enquiry Centre, right in the middle of campus, is a great starting point for any questions. It's also home to some of our University services, including the Student Support Team. They will be able to direct you to whatever it is you are looking for and are full of helpful information and advice.

The Global Room

Our Global Room is a space on campus for you to relax, meet new people, and celebrate cultural events. You’ll find sofas, a meeting pod, plenty of information, and regular support drop-in sessions.

International support

You'll find our International Advice Team and Immigration Compliance Team in the Global Room. They provide advice and support on a range of issues related to being an international student, including visa renewals and immigration advice. Talk to them about issues such as working while studying, absences, or changes in your circumstances that might affect your visa.

Academic support

Our Academic Skills team offer online resources, workshops, drop-in sessions, and one-to-one appointments. Get help with skills such as academic writing, referencing, time management, and revision.


As you progress through University, we have plenty of opportunities for you to improve your employability skills. Support is offered by our Careers Service and Centre for Entrepreneurship.