Living costs in Dundee for students

A summary of living costs for students in Dundee including accommodation, utilities, and travel.

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While Dundee is amongst the best value locations in the UK, demand for student accommodation is high and increasing. We recommend that you plan more time to find accommodation and factor in increasing living costs across the UK.

We estimate that your living costs will range from £10,000 to £12,000 per academic year (39 weeks), but your own expenditure will depend on your lifestyle and the funds available to you.

You will spend more than normal in your first week or two as you get settled, but your expenditure will soon settle down, allowing you to create your weekly budget carefully.

Average private accommodation rent in Dundee
1 bedroom £593 per month
2 bedrooms £870 per month
3 bedrooms £1,063 per month

Figures from Citylets Rental Report Q1, 2024

There are rules in the UK about how many people can legally share a room/flat so please check these to ensure you budget for the right size of property. You can find more advice about overcrowding on the Shelter Scotland website.

Average monthly costs for students

Our Student Funding team regularly check the average costs for living in Dundee as a student. These are based on a range of government statistics, charity research, and discussions with other Scottish and UK universities.

As of May 2024 we would recommend budgeting around £800-900 a month per person for living expenses (excluding rent). Some expenses include:

  • Utilities (electricity / gas): £175 (single)/£250 (family)
  • Internet/TV: £30
    • This is based on a landline/fibre broadband connection, plus a mobile phone contract. Many UK companies such as BT, Virgin Media, or Sky may offer cheaper bundle deals if you take out more than one service with them.
  • Mobile phone: £35 (per adult)
  • Food : £250 (per adult)/£125 (per child)
  • TV Licence: £15 (per house)
    • You still need a TV Licence if you watch live TV via streaming, or catch up via BBC iPlayer.
  • Going out and socialising: £120 (per adult or child over 14)
  • Clothing: £90 (per adult or child over 14)/£45 (per child)
  • Toiletries: £40 (per adult or child over 14)
  • Books/Equipment: £85

Other things that can affect your monthly spending

Many students in Dundee share accommodation with other students. This means you may be able to share some costs such as electricity and internet bills between your flat or house mates.

If you live with dependants (such as a spouse or children) you should budget the above figures per person for any adult/child over 14, and 50% for children under 14.

If you live alone, you may find some bills more expensive as they include a fixed daily charge which does not reduce with lower usage.

Academic textbooks are more expensive than books you would find in a high street bookshop. You may only need to spend money on these once a semester but you can often sell them second hand once you have finished with them.

Other costs

  • Travel to University: £0-50
    • Due to Dundee's compact city campus, many students live within walking distance of University buildings. If you live further away or have classes in Ninewells Hospital you may wish to take a bus.
    • Bus travel in Scotland is free for residents up to age 22, and student discounts are available on paid tickets.
  • Council tax: £0 (for full time students)
    • Full time students are exempt from council tax. Any adult who is not a student is responsible for the Council Tax. Discounts might be available according to your circumstances.
    • If you live with non-students, then the household needs to pay council tax but with a 25% discount.
  • Water: £0
    • Water bills are part of council tax in Scotland, unlike in England and Wales.
  • If you are living in University accommodation, or certain private accommodation designed for students, some of your household bills will be included in the rent.

If you are applying for a Student visa

The minimum living expenses required by UK Visas and Immigration ( guidance) is £1,023 per month of study. You should check you have the correct amount in your bank account before applying for your visa.

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