International community

Dundee is a welcoming multicultural city with many international students choosing to make it their home.

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Like the University, Dundee is international and multicultural. It is home to residents from many countries and ethnic groups.

“The best moments so far have been meeting friendly people. I think Dundee has the most friendly people I have met. People are so welcoming, so eager to help, and to give direction. Of course, it's daunting moving from your home country to a country that you've never been to, but I feel at home here.”

Grace Kayola from Zambia, MPH Public Health

Specialist food shops

Within easy reach of the campus, you will find specialist food shops such as Chinese, Indian, Polish, and Russian supermarkets, as well as halal butchers. The major UK supermarkets also stock a wide range of international food.

Places of worship

There are places of worship for many faiths, including Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and many Christian denominations.

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