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Anatomy and Human Identification

Forensic Anthropology student

Gain in depth knowledge of the human body and the skills necessary for the analysis and identification of human remains at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID)

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Computing student in Straight Talking Gr

Gain the problem-solving skills to develop technological systems which meet the needs of society

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Marine Engineering students in the lab

Develop skills in mathematical analysis, creative design, experimentation and management, to create solutions that sustainably impact the way we live

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Forensic Science

A female scientist wearing a lab coat, safety glasses and gloves pipetting blood samples into a series of test tubes inside of a ventilated fume closet

Develop knowledge and skills in the application of science and technology to the detection, recognition and interpretation of evidence and the communication of its value to the justice system.

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Mathematics student

Learn how to create, analyse, and interpret mathematical models and theories which are applicable to a wide range of careers

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Physics students in a lab

Physics involves the exploration of nature in the broadest possible sense. Physicists discover how the universe behaves and use that knowledge for the benefit of humanity

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PhD Research

Student in lab

Resources for applying to study for a PhD by selecting one of our research projects or proposing your own.

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