Industry engagement and collaboration at the School of Science and Engineering

We are keen to engage with the public, private, and third sector industry at a local, national, and international level

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Our academic expertise and testing facilities in research, consultancy, and service testing, mean we can:

  • undertake fundamental research
  • assist in near-market product development
  • help develop your workforce
  • foster tailored pathways for highly skilled graduates
  • help source the right funding mechanism to create a sustainable partnership with us

Our specialisms

Our specialisms include:

  • Anatomy and Biological Anthropology
  • Computing (including Artificial Intelligence)
  • Engineering (Biomedical, Civil and Mechanical)
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Mathematics (including Numerical Analysis)
  • Physics (including Materials Science)

Facilities and expertise

We have a wide range of laboratories which are aligned to our research clusters and expertise. Our facilities are available to help with fundamental and applied research (for example, Applied Laser Technology Laboratory) through to large scale testing (e.g. SMART Lab including micro CT and Centrifuge). We can also help with interpretation of test data arising from service testing and consultancy.

Developing your workforce

We can help up-skill or re-skill your workforce in many ways, some of which can be funded by government support. Our Graduate Apprenticeships combine work-based learning with high-quality education and are relevant for training new apprentices or re-skilling your existing workforce. We offer flexible part-time postgraduate masters and doctoral courses to suit your workforce and business models.

We also offer continuing professional development courses in the form of stand-alone modules which can be taken on campus or online.

Industry engagement stories

We have a long history of engaging with industry from supporting transformative research in computer sciences, forensic sciences and physics through to product and business development in engineering and mathematics.

Service testing, consultancy and research, and innovation

Local and national companies have already benefited directly from our research through ad-hoc consultancy and/or more structured, funded research partnerships. We can help with fundamental research (at lower TRLs, 1-3) through to development and commercialisation of near-market products (TRL 7 and upwards).

Accessing our talent pipeline

We are keen to encourage you to engage with our high-talented and skilled students to help you plan for future recruitment. We can do this in a number of ways including summer and in-semester internships with your company or Joint Research Projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Funding your engagement

To help develop your relationship with us there are a number of funding options ranging from short project Innovation Vouchers (typically up to £5k), Collaborative Project Funds from Scottish Innovation Centres in Sensors, Construction, Health, BioTech, Oil and Gas, DataLab, Aquaculture (typically up to £50k) or larger, strategic research and innovation through Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Our Research and Innovation Services team are here to help on the best funding mechanism for your level of engagement.

To collaborate with us, contact:

Dr Moray Newlands
Associate Dean Industrial Engagement
School of Science and Engineering
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN