Summer lab-based traineeship supervisors in Life Sciences

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The following supervisors are offering places to summer students of the Vacation Scholarship Programme.

Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Name Research interests
Professor Alessio Ciulli Chemical and Structural Biology of Targeted Protein Degradation
Professor Sir Michael Ferguson Molecular parasitology, glycobiology and drug discovery
Professor David Gray Molecular Pharmacology and Compound Screening
Dr Robyn Hickerson
Professor Kevin Read Drug discovery, lead optimisation and preclinical development
Professor David Horn Antigenic variation, drug resistance and RNAi screens in trypanosomes
Professor Ian Gilbert Design and synthesis of potential therapeutic agents
Professor Mark Field Molecular parasitology, intracellular transport, gene expression, eukaryotic evolution
Dr Mattie Pawlowic Cryptosporidium, molecular parasitology, drug discovery
Dr Susan Wyllie Kinetoplastid Biology

Division of Cell and Developmental Biology

Name Research interests
Professor Kim Dale Establishing the vertebrate embryonic body plan
Dr Jens Januschke Dynamics of cell polarisation
Professor Carol MacKintosh Diabetes and cancer as disorders of 'signal multiplexing' in the vertebrate animals
Dr Leeanne McGurk How does RNA biogenesis control motor neuron disease?
Dr David Murray Understand the basic molecular mechanics in the formation of subcellular structures
Professor Inke Nathke From molecules to tissue architecture
Professor Kate Storey Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating neural differentiation
Professor Kees Weijer Cell-cell signalling and chemotactic cell movement during development

Division of Cell Signalling and Immunology

Name Research interests
Professor Simon Arthur Signaling networks that control inflammation
Dr Henry McSorley Immunological interactions with helminth parasites
Professor Doreen Cantrell T-lymphocyte signal transduction
Professor Hari Hundal Hormonal, nutrient and stress-mediated modulation of fuel and energy metabolism
Dr Ignacio Moraga Gonzalez Cytokine engineering

Division of Computational Biology

Name Research interests
Professor Geoffrey Barton Protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis and function prediction
Dr Rastko Sknepnek Computational soft condensed matter and biophysics
Dr Gabriele Schweikert
Professor Ulrich Zachariae Computational Biophysics and Drug Discovery

MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit

Name Research interests
Professor Dario Alessi Understanding signalling pathways mutated in inherited disorders
Dr Paul Davies
Dr Greg Findlay Embryonic Stem Cell Signaling Modules
Professor Miratul Muqit Elucidation of the PINK1 signaling pathway in Parkinson’s disease
Dr Esther Sammler Parkinson’s disease
Professor Gopal Sapkota Untangling the TGFβ and Wnt signalling networks in cells, development and human diseases
Dr Amos Liang
Dr Ian Ganley Molecular analysis of autophagy
Professor John Rouse Control of chromosome stability and DNA repair in health and disease
Professor Karim Labib Chromosome replication and genome integrity
Dr Kirby Swatek Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in the immune system
Professor Sir Philip Cohen Signaling Networks in the Innate Immune System
Professor Satpal Virdee Chemical Biology Approaches for Studying The Ubiquitin System
Dr Yogesh Kulathu Ubiquitin signalling mechanisms
Dr Mahima Swamy Immune interactions at the intestinal epithelium

Division of Molecular Microbiology

Name Research interests
Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall Understanding the molecular mechanism of biofilm formation
Dr Helge Dorfmueller Investigation of streptococcal cell wall biogenesis and glycoconjugate vaccine development
Dr Megan Bergkessel Regulatory mechanisms operating during bacterial growth arrest and persistence
Professor Sarah Coulthurst Microbial competition and bacterial protein secretion systems

Division of Plant Sciences

Name Research interests
Dr Jorunn Bos
Dr Davide Bulgarelli Structure, function and host control of the plant microbiota
Professor Claire Halpin
Dr Piers Hemsley Regulation of protein function in plants by S-acylation
Dr Edgar Huitema Mechanisms of virulence acquisition during Phytophthora-host associations
Dr Sarah McKim Developmental biology of plant architecture
Professor Gordon Simpson RNA and Development
Dr Ingo Hein Plant Pathogen Co-evolution
Professor Paul Birch Plant pathogen interactions
Professor Robbie Waugh Crop Genomics

Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression

Name Research interests
Professor Angus Lamond Nuclear structure proteomics and gene expression
Dr Constance Alabert DNA replication in the context of chromatin – Implications for human diseases
Professor Ronald Hay Role of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in transcriptional regulation
Professor Tom Owen-Hughes Chromatin structure and gene regulation
Dr Federico Pelisch
Dr Kasper Rasmussen Investigating the regulation and function of DNA methylation in hematopoiesis
Professor Jason Swedlow Mitotic chromosome dynamics
Professor Tomoyuki Tanaka Mechanisms ensuring proper chromosome segregation in mitosis
Dr Tony Ly Proliferation control in health and disease