Society and funding body vacation scholarships for Life Sciences

A selection of vacation studentships from learned societies and other funding bodies

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Many learned societies in the UK also offer fully-funded vacation scholarships. Your allocated project supervisor must be a member of your chosen society for you to be eligible.

Certain research charities also offer similar scholarships.  The supervisor, with your input, should write a short project outline and submit it around spring time in your penultimate year of study (deadlines vary so be sure to check early).

A selection of vacation studentships available from learned societies and other funding bodies is listed below.   These awards are dependent on a successful funding application made by your allocated supervisor and are non-transferable. If your allocated supervisor is awarded a Vacation Scholarship for you it cannot be given to someone else if you change your mind. 

Gatsby Charitable Trust Opportunities in Plant Science Research

Gatsby plays a crucial role in promoting excellence in plant science research in the UK.  Two schemes for undergraduates are available:

  • Gatsby Plant Science Summer School – for Level 2 students at University of Dundee. This inspirational week is fully-funded and takes place at the end of the second Semester.
  • Sainsbury Undergraduate Studentships – for Level 3 students at University of Dundee. These prestigious summer placements are worth £4,000 and should be held somewhere other than the student’s home institution.

To apply, you first need to contact and be nominated by Dr Piers Hemsley ( who is the Gatsby Mentor for Plant Science at University of Dundee & The James Hutton Institute.

Read more about Scholarships on the Gatsby Website.