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The University of Dundee Human Rights Network brings together academics from throughout the University, who work on human rights. The network aims to improve lives both within Scotland, and around the world, through research on important human rights issues. This is in line with the University’s mission, ‘to transform lives locally and globally’.

The network provides a thriving environment for research on human rights in Dundee. Expertise spans the areas of comics, education, history, human geography, law, literature, politics, and social work. Our members also have experience working with human rights NGOs, international courts, and governments.

We are proudly involved with the Scottish Human Rights Defender Fellowship.


Portrait photo of Jacques Hartmann
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Professor in Law

Professor Hartmann is a generalist international lawyer, and his published works reflect the breadth of the discipline, encompassing diverse areas such as human rights and the law of the sea. His areas of expertise includes treaty law, state responsibility, the law of armed conflict, transnational criminal law and the Arctic.

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Portrait of Divya Jindal Snape
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Professor in Education Studies

Professor Jindal-Snape’s research centres on educational and life transitions, inclusion, creative approaches, voice, and education across all stages and professions, including health education. She also creates educational resources, e.g., comics, story books, games, films and drama to facilitate transitions and inclusion.

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Portrait photo of Edzia Carvalho
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Lecturer in Politics

Dr Carvhalo’s research focuses on human rights and popular opinion in the UK using interviews and focus groups. Areas of expertise include electoral politics, popular opinions of political party leaders, referendums, human rights, and Artificial Intelligence, and the politics of just energy transitions.

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Portrait photo of Claire Methven O'Brien
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Dr Methven O’Brien is an expert on human rights law. Her expertise includes EU sustainable business laws, investment, corporate sustainability due diligence, public procurement, and forced labour and modern slavery. She has wide experience of advising governments, business, the EU and UN on sustainable business regulation. She is also a Commissioner at the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

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