InterLaw: Interdisciplinary Legal Studies

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The constitutive effects of law are widespread throughout society and culture, mediating the structures and possibilities of social life and communal relations—locally, nationally, internationally. The study of law in recent decades has accordingly and prominently focused on the law’s relations with other areas of understanding and knowledge, with leading examples including socio-legal studies, law and humanities, and critical legal studies. Significant arms of the global legal academy are now concerned not only with doctrine and principle, but with the interrelationships between law in terms of doctrinal or institutional phenomena and its wider forms and appearances throughout society, culture, and the material world.

The Interdisciplinary Legal Studies research cluster adopts this open-ended view of legality, bringing together scholars and other stakeholders working at the multiple intersections between or across legal and other disciplinary settings. Whilst broadly legal, this research cluster has members, and may be of interest to people working in, multiple schools and departments outside of law.

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