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Abdulqader Mohammed Qasem Alshami

The Legal Frame Work on Investment Disputes Arbitration

My research concerns the arbitration of investment disputes between states and investors.

Ariel Humphrey

Water-related issues arising during the life cycle of mining projects and regulation and/or control by the water law and mining law of the negative impact of mining activities on neighbouring water bodies (surface water and groundwater)

Bérénice Lemoine

Certainty or flexibility, what future for European Private International Law dealing with family matters?

The tension between the need for legal certainty and the desire for individualised solutions is as old as the law itself. This tension is particularly important within private international law instruments dealing with family matters in the EU.

Caroline Cotta

Child Abduction in Europe

The phenomenon of international child abduction is a complex and multidimensional issue of international family law.

Daniel Uwanikone

Creating an Enabling Platform for E-commerce in Nigeria – Lessons from other Regimes

My thesis seeks to analyse the current legal regime for e-commerce in Nigeria; whether the current regime for e-commerce is adequate to sustain the Nigerian e-commerce market?

Eva Jueptner

The Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments – Why did the 'Judgments Project' fail?

Although conflict-of-law rules for international commercial litigation have been successfully harmonised on a regional level, there still is no global regime for international jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

Georges Gharios

Over troubled waters: Delving into the institutional dynamics of water law in Lebanon

How did the interactions between the plurality of laws, complex administrations, and indigenous hydrological competences shape the current status of water management in Lebanon at the strategic, regulatory and operational level?

Juan Carlos Sanchez Ramirez

Trans boundary Waters, Climate Change and Ecosystems: Identifying Opportunities for Improved Cooperative Governance Through a Better Understanding of Cross-Sectoral and Multi-Level Linkages

The main objective of Juan Carlos’ PhD project is to develop and test a trans boundary water governance framework that can provide guidance to implement existing or developing agreements (i.e. multilateral treaties and bilateral treaties).

Rachael Wallace

Disability, Equality and Employment Law in the United Kingdom

My research aims to study the strengths and shortcomings of the Equality Act 2010 in enabling disabled people fair access to the employment market.

Samuel White

Does the UK’s current legal framework offer sufficient protection of fundamental rights?

The purpose of this thesis is to examine whether the UK's current framework for human rights protection offers a sufficient level of protection of fundamental rights.

Sava Jankovic

De facto States in International Law

In my thesis I deal with the position of de facto States in international law. I intend to examine significance of those units in the international legal order by a case study analysis.

Sumeet  Jalgaonkar

Racial and Religious Hate Crimes: An Analysis of Hate Incitement Laws in Scotland

The primary aim of my research is to examine the justification behind the legislative treatment meted out to incitement of racial and religious hate crimes in Scotland.

Tanya Jones

The potential for restorative justice to address climate change adaptation needs in deglaciating environments

This interdisciplinary research in Law and Geography aims to apply the relationship-based principles of restorative justice to climate injustice, especially in relation to adaptation.  It will include the development of potential models for global restorative climate justice and a case study exploring their practical application.

Tracy Lelei

Intercountry Adoption: The African Perspective And The Hague Convention On Protection Of Children And Co-Operation In Respect Of Intercountry Adoption 1993

The aim of this project is to encourage the ratification of the HCIA by more African countries as a protective measure for vulnerable African children in the process of intercountry adoption.

Urenmisan Afinotan

Environmental degradation, Human rights and the future of sustainable development in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

My research examines the effectiveness of the constitutional safeguards, if any, and other relevant environmental legislations in Nigeria.