Study Abroad at the University of Dundee for visiting students

The Study Abroad programme is for visiting students who wish to study at the University of Dundee for part of their degree.

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Are you a current undergraduate student looking for an international study experience, whilst gaining credits and a renewed world view? Why not apply to study in Scotland at the University of Dundee, rated number 1 in Scotland by StudentCrowd 2022.

Our Study Abroad programme is designed for visiting students who would like to gain some of their credits with us. Studying abroad is an excellent way to experience a new teaching and learning environment whilst immersing yourself in a new country and culture.

We welcome over 200 visiting students every year and you will be quickly immersed into all Scotland has to offer in the hidden gem City of Dundee. With little to no travel expenses on campus and in the city itself, you will quickly find your feet exploring and making your home away from home.

Semester or full year places available

Applications are open. Apply by April 15 for full year and Fall Semester or September 25 for Spring Semester

Academic dates

See dates for the next Academic year 

“I didn’t know what to expect coming into Scotland, but I think everyone I have met here has been super nice, super friendly. Especially since I’m an exchange student and I don’t know a lot of the things that other students might know. Everyone was just so willing to answer my questions and just help me out. ”

Dhriti Aiylam from Massachusetts, studied life sciences with study abroad

We welcome Study Abroad applications to programmes in the following Schools:

Module information can be accessed on the teaching and assessment tab of our undergraduate course pages


Tuition fees

Please contact the Study Abroad team with the School(s) you are interested in studying with for tuition fee information.

Living costs

In addition to tuition fees, students will be required to cover living costs for accommodation, meals, clothing, entertainment, local travel, laundry.

Learn more about living costs in Dundee

Student housing

Visiting students can apply to stay on campus in student housing Heathfield Flats or Seabraes 1-32. Apply for accommodation by August 30 for guaranteed housing.

Why Dundee

Like the University, Dundee is a welcoming and inclusive community. It is home to residents from many countries and ethnic groups. Within easy reach of the campus, you will find specialist food shops such as Chinese, Indian, Polish and Russian supermarkets, as well as international restaurants, laid-back cafes and more traditional Scottish pubs.

There are places of worship for many faiths, including Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, plus many Christian denominations.

There are countless of things to enjoy and do in Dundee, from taking a stroll through the beach and national nature reserves nearby, to meeting likeminded individuals through student societies and sports clubs.

Discover more about what Dundee has to offer

Academic advising

Once you have submitted the module choices you would like to study with us, one of our Academic Advisors will review and make any recommended suggestions based on timetable availability and your prior learning.

English language requirements

Student timeline

  • Express early interest with

  • Discuss suitability with your current Global Office advisor 

  • Apply by April 15 for full year and Fall Semester or September 25 for Spring Semester

  • Apply for housing

  • Check for acceptance letter

  • Attend pre-departure session

Dundee - where we are

Dundee is at the heart of Scotland’s road and rail network and puts spectacular scenery, skiing, championship golf, mountain climbing, and sailing within easy reach.

The major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are a short trip away. Scotland’s four main international airports all operate both national airlines such as British Airways, and low cost airlines. This makes it easy to get to all the major centres of the UK and Europe.

Travelling to the University of Dundee

Time to get from Dundee to:

  • Edinburgh airport: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Glasgow airport: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Manchester airport: 5 hours
  • Birmingham airport: 5 hours 20 minutes
  • London: 6 hours

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