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Intellectual property, commercialisation opportunities, patents, and InnoScot Health

Researchers need to review and consider novel and intellectual property, commercialisation, and patent opportunities as early as possible.

For NHS Tayside-led research, see the InnoScot Health website

For University of Dundee-led research, contact

Legal contracts

A contract is normally required before a clinical trial can start or where clinical researchers need to discuss confidential information, secure funding, distribute grant funding to collaborators, set up research sites, or access or transfer data and materials. Where contracts are required, please contact the appropriate department as detailed in the below table.

Contract / research type Contact
Contracts for commercially sponsored and funded clinical trials or clinical research studies (using the mCTA* as the contract) where Tayside will be a site Commercial Team
Contracts for non-commercial clinical trials or clinical research studies to be hosted in Tayside (using the mNCA** as the contract, or an OID*** or some other contract form) Research and Development Team
Contracts required for any TASC/Tayside sponsored studies however funded, led by an NHS Tayside CI Legal Team, marked for the attention of the Contracts Manager
Contracts required for all TASC/Dundee sponsored studies however funded and led by a Dundee University CI Legal Team, marked for the attention of the Contracts Manager
For all other contract-related enquiries including contracts for funding, collaboration, site set-up, or the transfer of data or materials to a third party Legal Team

*mCTA = UK Model Clinical Trial Agreement

**mNCA = UK Model Non-Commercial Agreement

***OID = Organisational Information Document

Obtaining data from NHS Digital for healthcare research

All applications to NHS digital for the use of their services, must be approved prior to submission, by Research Governance, TASC. 

The R&D Director must be informed and the TASC Legal team: 

An authorized individual from the University of Dundee is required to sign the data sharing agreement following positive risk assessment. This is a legally binding document and cannot be authorized by the Chief Investigator or Researcher.