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We have a robust feasibility process with dedicated feasibility staff, including registered nurses, resulting in accurate feasibility projections and recruitment to target.

Our Clinical Research Nurse Facilitators have excellent working relationships with local clinical staff and support services making working with Tayside fast and effortless. Our feasibility response rate is the highest in Scotland at 94% (NRS Q1 and Q2 2019).

“The TASC R&D office are always responsive and engaged throughout study feasibilities all the way to study setup.”

MedPace, CRO

Review and Approvals

Our Commercial Research Administrators have several years experience in completing governance reviews, negotiating complex study budgets and putting contracts in place for commercial research across the whole of Scotland.

“This has been the best research service/R&D experience I have encountered in my 12 years of setting up commercial studies at UK sites.”

Industry setup team

Set up and delivery

Our Clinical Research Nurse Facilitators focus on delivering high quality commercial research to target. Our Facilitators support the development of study delivery and patient identification plans to ensure all potential recruitment options are available thereby optimising patient enrolment.

“I know that if anyone could deliver a complex study like this one it would be your team of investigators and their clinical trials team.”

Industry Sponsor

Project success

  • First NHS site to randomise globally for a large multicentre study into Alzheimer's Disease
  • First site globally to reach target for a large multicentre study into Alzheimer's Disease
  • First and third UK participants recruited to a study into moderate to severe atopic dermatitis
  • First and Second UK participants recruited to a study on symptomatic hypoparathyroidism
  • First UK site to open a multicentre study on systemic sclerosis
  • Third highest recruiter out of ten UK sites participating in a study on infection
  • First participant recruited outside North America for a study into systemic sclerosis
  • Second top recruiter in UK to a study into acute ST elevation myocardial infarction
  • Two participants consented within two weeks of opening for a large oncology drug trial
  • Target of 15 patients to be recruited per week we achieved 22 per week for a diabetes study
  • Top recruiter in Europe for a study on Meniere's Disease
“SIMPLY AMAZING – Scotland does it again – first site [Tayside] to be SIVd in the UK.”

Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)