TASC - working with industry

Working with industry is a key priority for us. We have a tailored infrastructure with a team of experienced research management staff dedicated to Commercial research.

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We provide a high-quality research service supporting the development of new treatments for the benefit of both the Tayside population and populations worldwide, from feasibility to delivery and point of care.

Key benefits

  • a fast and efficient feasibility process
  • streamlined and timely review and approvals
  • transparent costings
  • efficient start up services
  • an enviable reputation for excellence in delivery
  • Access to state-of the-art facilities

Principal Investigator engagement

“Our team have had 'First in the UK' recruitment in four separate studies in the last three years. No way we could have achieved that without our superb R&D supporting us throughout the process.”

Lead of Neuro Progressive Dementia Network

Tayside is committed to ensuring that NHS clinicians have the capacity to undertake commercial research. The Chief Scientist Office introduced a programme of NRS Career Research Fellowships in 2011 designed to support early stage consultant level clinicians participate in research and clinicians in Tayside have taken full advantage of this programme over the years.

We have also drawn up a PI Engagement Strategy supported by NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee which aims to make it easier for NHS clinicians to engage in research and provides the commitment and investment necessary to allow NHS clinicians to participate in clinical research.

Industry collaboration

Tayside is the partner of choice for many commercial companies.

We have developed a number of strategic relationships with industry supporting the delivery of medical innovation and research in Tayside. These partnerships aim to aim to drive quality and delivery and increase the number of research opportunities available to the Tayside population.

Case study

A copy of the pdf report with a photo of two nurses in a hospital and the NHS Scotland  logo to the left

NHS Research Scotland collaborates with Vital Therapies

A new treatment designed to improve survival in patients with liver failure by providing extracorporeal hepatic support continuously for up to five days.

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We welcome the opportunity to work and collaborate with industry, and are always open to discussing new study proposals.