Date of entry

June 2024


Your modules will be taught on campus.

You’ll be expected to learn independently to complement your taught subjects. This is a core feature of being a student as you develop your individual learning style and find what works best for you.


We use assessments to test how well you are achieving the learning outcomes for each module.

Teaching staff, administration staff, and student mentors will guide you to manage your time as you approach assessments, preparing work well before deadlines.

We’ll explain all of our assessment processes throughout the course, as and when they become relevant to you.

Assessment formats will reflect the assessments you will complete during the first year of the degree. These may include progress tests to identify areas of development, and assignments that test your understanding of key concepts.

Formative assessments

These don’t count towards your overall grades but are a way of giving you feedback on your development with the course.

Summative assessments

These are formally graded and count towards your overall module grade.

Three things to find out about your assignments:

  1. The value of the assignment as a percentage of the total marks for the course. This helps to establish how much work is involved.
  2. The format the work should be submitted in, and where to. For example, should it be written or typed? Should it be submitted online, or emailed?
  3. The deadline for the assignment, and how to receive proof that the University has received your work.

All assessments must be taken in English unless the assessment is part of a foreign language module.


Module details are pending confirmation for 2024.

If you have applied to study Dentistry, Medicine or Nursing, some of the modules you will study are pre-determined.

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: SS03016 Credits: 0 Semester: Runs during the summer

Optional Modules

You need to choose one or more of these modules as part of your course.

Module code: SS03001 Credits: 0 Semester: Runs during the summer
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