Statistics and Probability module (MA12003)

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About the module

This module provides an introduction to statistics and probability. This module is mandatory for students taking the BSc or MMath in Mathematics, the BSc or MSci in Mathematics and Physics or the BSc in Mathematics and Accountancy. This module is optional for students taking the BSc in Mathematics combined with any of Economics, Financial Economics or Psychology. If you have questions about this module please contact our Undergraduate Admissions Tutor.


Students taking this module must have a C in Mathematics in Scottish Highers, AS-, or A-Level, or an equivalent qualification. Note: You may not take this course if you have previously passed or are currently taking AB12007 or MA22003.

Indicative Content

  • Data Analysis

    Populations and samples; types of data. Data presentation. Mean; standard deviation. Interpretation of data

  • Probability

    Selection problems. Sample space; events; compound events; complements. Addition rules. Conditional Probability; the multiplication rule; independence. Bayes’ Theorem.

  • Discrete Random Variables

    Probability distribution. Probability mass functions (Uniform, binomial, geometric, Poisson distributions). Joint probability mass functions; covariance and independence. Expected value and variance of sums of random variables.

  • Continuous Random Variables

    Polynomial and negative exponential probability density functions. The Normal distribution and tables. Expected value and variance of continuous random variables. Sums and differences of independent normal random variables. The central limit theorem; Normal approximations. Random samples.

  • Hypothesis Testing

    Hypothesis formulation. Test statistics. p-values. Confidence intervals.

  • Linear Regression

    Least squares. Assessing usefulness of a model. Using a model.

Delivery and Assessment

This module is delivered in the form of lectures and workshops/computer labs and assessed via an exam (50%) and coursework (50%) consisting of tests and lab reports.

Credit Rating

This module is a Scottish Higher Education Level 1 or SCQF level 7 module and is rated as 20 SCOTCAT credits or 10 ECTS credits.