Mechanics module (EG11008)

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Students across various Science and Engineering degree programmes take this level 1 module. You will develop a solid foundation in mechanics in preparation for your future studies. 

Mechanics is mainly about the science of motion. The approach taken is to guide you carefully through the fundamental equations of motion and the concepts of force, energy and momentum by developing the ideas of Newton. You will have short assignments to deepen your core understanding of the topics and to build your problem-solving skills to a high level.

The assignments are designed and delivered via the Mastering Physics platform, which is synchronised to the set e-textbook. You will have free access to this throughout level 1. 

Topics include: 

  • Core mathematics, including vectors and vector operations, and essential calculus 

  • Equations of motion 

  • Newton’s laws, types of forces, and free-body diagrams 

  • The work-energy theorem, potential and kinetic energy, energy conservation and power 

  • Momentum and impulse 

  • Rotational dynamics using vector notation. 



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