Physics MSci (Hons)

School of Science and Engineering

Combine Bachelors and Masters' level physics modules into an integrated degree to study more advanced topics in physics

Start date
September 2023
5 years
Dundee City Campus
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Our MSci course combines Bachelors and Masters' level physics modules so you can study more advanced areas of physics.

You'll develop a deep understanding of fundamental physics, from astronomical phenomena to quantum mechanics. As the course progresses, you'll gain knowledge in classical physics plus advancements in modern physics.

Physics at the University of Dundee has had a tremendous impact on the modern world. We paved the way for the creation of LCD screens in the 70s and 80s. More recently, we have helped to understand how extra-solar planets form, and helped build optical diagnostic devices for CERN.

Much of what you learn will relate to research that our staff carry out in fields such as biophysics, advanced materials, and photonics.

At Levels 4 and 5, you'll carry out a personal project involving practical experience in a research laboratory. For example, you could develop optical techniques to examine cancerous tissue. Or you may investigate the behaviour of positrons in materials to identify missing atom defects that degrade performance.

Our high staff-to-student ratio fosters a friendly environment and approachable lecturers.

Our Physics society runs regular social events. They have organised trips to CERN, Munich, and Amsterdam as well as the annual Physics Ball. You can meet with students from all year groups to help guide you through the more challenging aspects of the course.

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Professional Accreditation

Institute of Physics

Our Physics degrees are accredited by the UK Institute of Physics, with suitably experienced graduates thus eligible to apply for chartered physicist (CPhys) professional status.

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications following is a priority for UK professional bodies and universities. If you plan on practising outside the UK you should check with the relevant national authority on the recognition of this qualification.

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