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Transforming lives through sport, exercise, and physical activity. 

The University of Dundee is host to a high-class campus sport and exercise facility, tennis courts, swimming pool, and outdoor playing fields with a wide range of exercise and sporting opportunities to help you take care of your body and mind. 

We give you opportunities 

We provide a dynamic lead to the University’s sport and exercise offer. We deliver unique opportunities and positive experiences to allow you to transform your life through sport, exercise, and physical activity. 

We educate 

We are a centre of education housing our own sport and exercise science unit. This allows us to undertake collaborative consultancy, academic and research work. We blend this into all of our activities to ensure our offer is based on best practice and scientifically evidenced. You will benefit from programmes and facilities that are underpinned by current research. 

We are the heart of our university community 

We strengthen our University community by creating a culture of activity, health and wellbeing. Our sport and exercise activities promote social networks, create shared identity and unity, and build togetherness.  

We are unique 

We are the only facility in the region that integrates sport and exercise science with physical activity programmes and the broadest and most expansive range of facilities. We host, in partnership with sportscotland, a regional Strength Performance Centre and have been recognised by the British Olympic Association as an official training centre.

We make an impact

We make an impact. We are recognised for contributing to shaping our local and national sporting landscape. We transform lives through knowledge transfer in public engagement and outreach programmes. We proactively build partnerships with key external bodies.


Terms and conditions and other information

Terms and conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions of your membership with, the University of Dundee (UoD) Institute of Sport and Exercise.