ISE new member information

Information for new members at the Institute of Sport and Exercise.

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By joining us, you’ve already taken the first step on your sport and exercise journey, and we couldn’t be happier to support you. 

Download our app

To get started, you’ll need our app. Exercise classes, studio bookings, racquet and hall sports can all be booked directly via our app. You can also view our up-to-date timetable as well as useful news and information. 


If you are looking to participate in one of our Wattbike classes, please ensure you have participated in a virtual induction before using the facility for the first time.

You can watch the Wattbike induction video below:

If you would like an in-person induction for the Gym or Strength Hub, please book a slot at reception or on the ISE app.

Membership card 

If you have a student or staff membership, we will ask to link your student or staff ID card to your membership. If you have chosen a different membership, we will provide you with a membership card when you come to use our facilities for the very first time. 

Membership cards are used for entry and how we record your attendance, so please remember to bring it along when you visit our facilities. 


Lockers are available for you to store any bags, jackets, and study books that you may have with you. 

Our exercise spaces can get crowded so to ensure your valuables are kept safe, we ask all members to take full advantage of these. 

We are here to help 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0)1382 384122 or email  

And, if you’d like, we’d be more than happy to do a guided walk through of our facility and show you how to use all the equipment. 

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to achieve!