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Information about children's swimming lessons at ISE.

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Our children's swimming lessons follow the Scottish Swimming National Learn to Swim programme, ensuring the very highest standard of teaching and following an up-to-date framework with clear progression levels. Lessons are structured into Swim Skill ability with children encouraged to develop their skills and progress when ready, overseen and continually assessed by their teacher. 

Swim Skills 1

To further develop water confidence and develop core aquatic skills without aids.

  • Develop confidence and ability to perform a wide range of core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids.
  • Develop the basic technique of the 4 strokes.
  • Introduce the basic technique of sculling.
  • Develop balance and buoyancy through a variety of activities.

Example of swimmer competencies:

  • Kick on front/back without a float for 10 metres.
  • Swim a minimum of 10m demonstrating Frontcrawl & 10m Backcrawl.

Swim Skills 1A

For beginner swimmers or children that require additional support from a teacher. Also for those previously on Swim Skills 1A who have not passed 50% of the assessment criteria or cannot fully submerge under water.

Swim Skills 1B

For children who have previously attended Swim Skills 1B but not achieved 100% of the assessment criteria or for non-swimmers who are confident in the water. 

Swim Skills 2

To increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique.

  • Introduce and progress new core aquatic skills.
  • Develop stroke technique to include all 4 strokes.
  • Introduction to diving (pool permitting).
  • Develop awareness and feel for the water through a variety of core aquatic skills.

Example of swimmer competencies

  • Kick on front/back without a float for 15 metres.
  • Swim a minimum of 15m demonstrating Frontcrawl & 10m Backcrawl.
  • Demonstrate breaststroke leg kick.

Swim Skills 3

Introduce more advanced stroke technique and achieve Triple S standard. 

  • Further develop competency in all four strokes.
  • Development of diving.
  • Further develop Butterfly and Breaststroke aiming to achieve legal technique.

Example of swimmer competencies

  • Swim 25m Frontcrawl & Backcrawl.
  • Demonstrate Breaststroke.
  • Tread water for 30 sec waving one hand.

Swim Skills 4

To improve the quality of stroke technique, introduce multi-aquatic skills/ disciplines and basic lifesaving skills.

  • To demonstrate competent technique in all four strokes.
  • Introduce lifesaving skills and basic aquatic discipline skills.
  • To provide basic skills to enable progression in to all aquatic disciplines including life saving.

Example of swimmer competencies

  • Swim 50m Frontcrawl & Backcrawl demonstrating push and glide, breathing, arm technique.
  • Swim 50m Breaststroke demonstrating technical efficiency.
  • Perform a dive into any stroke.

Note: Due to the demand for swimming lessons our waiting is currently closed. Please keep an eye out here or on our social media channels for any updates.



Contact ISESwim@dundee.ac.uk to find out more children's swimming lessons.