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Privacy notice for ISE Swimming Programme for children

Updated on 1 March 2024

How your child’s information is used if they are participating in the ISE Swimming Programme

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How we use your information 

The University of Dundee (‘the University’) collects and processes your child’s information further to their participation in the ISE Swimming Programme (‘the Programme’). You provide that information on behalf of your child. This information will be used to administer their participation in the Programme.  

The University also collects some of your information. This information will be used to send you details of future lessons, information regarding pool availability, learning resources to help your child improve their swimming and so that we can contact you in an emergency. 

Both your child’s and your data will be passed to appropriate authorities in an emergency. 

Personal data 

The personal data you provide on behalf of your child will normally comprise your child’s name, date of birth, age, and home address.  

The personal information we require from you as the child’s parent/guardian is your telephone number, email address and ISE Membership number.  

Sensitive personal data 

We do not routinely hold special categories of personal data for the purposes described above. However, we may have such information if you provide it to us directly, for example, so we can make adjustments for a disability or where a medical condition may affect your child’s participation in the programme.  

Data controller  

The University of Dundee is the data controller for the information it collects about you and your child.  

The University uses an online sign-up form called Go Learn to collect data from you and share information with you regarding your child's swimming progress. Access to the information is restricted to ISE and colleagues in the web/IT team and the data is held on a secure server.

We maintain lists of participants and their contact details and email people directly via Microsoft 365. This product is cloud-based. Microsoft has adopted ‘binding corporate rules’ amongst other measures to safeguard data in their systems.

Lawful processing 

The University asserts that it is lawful for it to process your and your child’s personal data for the purposes detailed above for the performance of a contract to which the data subjects are a party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subjects prior to entering into a contract. 

The University may also process your and your child’s personal data in compliance with legal obligations to which it is subject.  

Where you provide the University with special categories of personal data, for example, so we can make adjustments for disabilities, that processing is further to obligations placed upon the University in the field of social protection law.  

Personal data and special categories of personal data will also be processed where that processing is necessary to protect the data subject’s vital interests.  

Your rights 

The University respects your rights and preferences in relation to you and your child’s data. If you wish to update, access, erase, or limit the use of your and/or your child’s information, please let us know by emailing If you would like to withdraw from participation in the ISE Swimming Programme or update your marketing preferences, you can do so by emailing us at the same address. 

If you wish to complain about the University’s use of you or your child’s information, please contact the University’s Data Protection Officer in the first instance by emailing You may also wish to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office. 


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