The University has a legal obligation of safeguarding. Learn what constitutes a safeguarding concern and how to manage or report this.

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What is safeguarding?

The University has a legal obligation of safeguarding which applies to members of its community. 

Safeguarding covers, to a greater and lesser extent depending on the context:

  • promoting the health and wellbeing of all members of our community;
  • protecting members of our community from harm; and
  • addressing any Concerns raised.

What is a safeguarding concern?

A safeguarding concern could arise when:

  • an individual is being subject to or is at risk of abuse, neglect or harm;
  • an individual is or is at risk of being radicalised;
  • an individual has abused, neglected or caused harm to someone else; or
  • an individual’s behaviour is considered to be a Serious Issue.

Managing safeguarding concerns

The University has many structures, processes and procedures in place in order to comply with its safeguarding obligations and to identify and manage such Concerns appropriately.  These include (but are not limited to):

Reporting a concern

Anyone can raise a concern about a student, member of staff or another member of the University community. The recommended way to raise a concern is by completing the raising a concern form.

Safeguarding privacy notice

Anonymous concerns

If you decide to remain anonymous when raising a Concern, the University will consider the Concern you have raised but may be limited in terms of any action it can take.  

Make an anonymous complaint or raising a concern anonymously

In an emergency

In an emergency, or if the matter is urgent, a concern should be reported to the police (if it is a criminal matter) or to any member of staff who is trusted by the person raising the concern. If you have a concern about a member of staff or a student out of hours, and it cannot wait, you can contact University Security by calling +44 (0)1382 385850 or 4141 in an emergency.

Contact us

If you have a concern but are not sure what to do, or have questions about reporting a concern, please email