Academic and Corporate Governance

Academic and Corporate Governance is a diverse directorate providing support for staff and students across the University in academic and corporate matters.

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The Directorate of Academic and Corporate Governance incorporates:

Academic and Corporate Governance is responsible for the support of a wide range of functions including:


  • servicing the Court, the Senatus Academicus and their Committees, and taking forward the development of policy and procedures initiated by those bodies
  • servicing the Academic Council and Graduates’ Association
  • maintaining the governance instruments of the institution (Charter, Statutes and Ordinances)
  • maintaining the University's policies, procedures and regulations in relation to corporate and academic matters

Legal services

  • The Legal department is an adviser and representative in all legal risk and contract management matters for the University*
  • Its key objective is to help the University to stop operational risks becoming legal liabilities.
  • Legal help operational parts of the business, identify, report and manage legal risks affecting specific projects or day to day business in an organised and consistent way.

Legal helps the University

  • Protect itself from a loss of rights;
  • Enforce its contractual rights;
  • Avoid and manage conflicts; and
  • Settle disputes.

 RIS, TASC and procurement excepted.

Learning and teaching

  • support the development of Learning & Teaching strategy and practice through the Vice-Principal (Learning & Teaching).

Quality assurance

  • assuring the quality of learning and teaching and enhancing the student experience;
  • supporting DUSA in the areas of student representation and the election of student officers; and

Early Dispute Resolution

  • leading the Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) Initiative and service in the University.